Repo Issue Total bounty
FK-enrolment if you're both an ugent student and open university student, ugent_nr is an array instead of string 0
FK-enrolment Do not crash when double-submitting payment 0
FK-enrolment Allow other schools 0
FK-enrolment Address fields 0
FK-enrolment Ditch noncomplete members 0
FK-enrolment Add possibillity to put a default value on ExtraAttributeSpecs 0
FK-enrolment Clean up the code 0
FK-enrolment Counter double registrations 0
FK-enrolment Use Active Job 0
FK-enrolment Update the seeds 0
FK-enrolment Add mass-export to CSV for FK 0
FK-enrolment CSV upload of members 0
FK-enrolment Use FK partnercarousel 0
FK-enrolment Mass-mailing to registrants 0
FK-enrolment Backend 0
FK-enrolment Audit-system 0
hydra Process results of user study 0
hydra Associations with small logos 0
hydra Scraper during holidays 0
hydra Update website 0
hydra Add support for JSONP 0
hydra Providing UGent Permanence news 0
hydra Push notification when a club you're following adds a new activity or news item 0
hydra Full Schamper-issues 0
ansible-config Investigate the use of Packetfence 0
ansible-config Herbeeeert 0
ansible-config Move errbit to 0
ansible-config Nice to have: slack callbacks 0
ansible-config ZeusnetV2 0
ansible-config Don't subshell when asking for vault pass 0
ansible-config Merge abyss branch into master? 0
ansible-config Ansibalisatie Verne, Clarke & Wells 0
ansible-config Verne upgrade stuff 0
ansible-config Deprecation warnings 0
ansible-config Better rbenv role 0
ansible-config Test configs with ansible 2.0 0
ansible-config Add task for pulseaudio 0
ansible-config Check out clamav failures 0
ansible-config install matrix 0
ansible-config Backup restore script / checklist 0
ansible-config Switch to mailman 3.1 when it's there, or to an alternative 0
Gandalf No defaults, only suggestions 0
Gandalf Check deletion of access level of a registration 0
Gandalf Use adams for oauth 0
Gandalf Add seating information to ticket 0
Gandalf Add privacy disclaimer 0
Gandalf Save user information in cookie 0
Gandalf Check in 0
Gandalf Apology for invitation 0
Gandalf Tickets with plus one 0
Gandalf Organisations can not see their past events 0
Gandalf Admin edit event wrong organisation 0
Gandalf Creating partners: Email adress with uppercase characters is rejected 0
Gandalf File upload for importing partners is broken 0
Gandalf Mails are not always sent 0
Gandalf Chance statistics graph type 0
Gandalf Allow admins to be able to pick the organising club in the "edit event" page 0
Gandalf API 0
Gandalf Use dummy-stuff in development 0
Gandalf added social media buttons to event pages 0
Gandalf Send mails with reply to field set to email of organiser 0
Gandalf Like and share buttons 0
Gandalf Define possible combinations, restrictions and types of tickets 0
Gandalf Provide dedicated scanning logins 0
Gandalf Formatting of mail is gone 0
Gandalf Let logged in users who ordered a ticket edit their registrations 0
Gandalf Legal disclaimer for the system when buying tickets 0
Gandalf Partners can't confirm for event if ticket is sold out 0
Gandalf v3 - Ability to upload custom member list 0
Gandalf Find out why there are duplicate names 0
Gandalf Sold out tickets aren't reported in the overview in the bottom left corner 0
Gandalf Add some kind of alert/message/... when registrations are not open yet. 0
Gandalf Change capacity limits 0
Gandalf General ticket limit 0
Gandalf i18n all the things 0
Gandalf Remove the bank-payment notice when a free ticket is selected 0
Gandalf Update the seeds 0
Gandalf CSV payment upload throws nullpointer on wrong column header 0
Gandalf Make the CSV-upload feedback a lot more clear 0
Gandalf Custom comment-field preview text 0
Gandalf Look up person on UGent-ID 0
Gandalf Unpaid reservations should expire 0
Gandalf Wizard breaks once confirmation page has been reached. 0
Gandalf Enhanced payment flow 0
Gandalf [DELAYED] Advanced partners WIP 0
Gandalf Refactor CSV upload 0
Gandalf Enhanced payment flow 0
Gandalf Event statistics tests fails between 12 pm and 1 am 0
Gandalf Simplify partner tickets for member only members 0
Gandalf Prohibit deletion of access levels containing partners 0
Gandalf Allow partners to fill in comment field 0
Gandalf Fill in Facebook metadata of event pages 0
Gandalf Add ability to confirm partner 0
Gandalf Add sort & filter options to partner view 0
Gandalf Show amount of checked in people 0
Gandalf Partner csv upload fails on special char 0
Gandalf Add papertrail overview to the partners 0
Gandalf Feature/242/add partner tickets 0
Gandalf Access level form doesn't get reset when a ticket is added 0
Gandalf Auto update xls after csv upload 0
Gandalf Add button loading state to remote actions 0
Gandalf Migrate more permissions to Registration 0
Gandalf Add automatic payment reminders 0
Gandalf Allow sending reminder emails to unpayed tickets 0
Gandalf Automatic mail to organisation when small number of tickets left 0
Gandalf Easy identify different tickets visually 0
Gandalf Make all lists sortable 0
Gandalf Configurable emails 0
Gandalf Centralized accounts with a generic login: Username/password, CAS, ... 0
Gandalf Offline scan system 0
Gandalf Statistics 0
Gandalf Add captcha when registering 0
Gandalf Add global capacity 0
Gandalf Promocodes 0
Gandalf Delete ticket link when wrong mail address is used 0
Gandalf Add i18n 0
Gandalf Allow to fill in event details via Facebook event 0
Gandalf Add Google Maps fancy stuff 0
Gandalf FK enrollment stuff to gandalf / own "Google Forms" 0
Gandalf Allow registering on reserve spots 0
Gandalf Extended event information page 0
Gandalf Ability to filter or search on organisation or event name in list of events 0
Gandalf Add HTML5 required attribute when needed 0
Saruman Settings security issue 0
Saruman Empty barrels of beer 0
Saruman Add amount to items 0
Saruman Add reports of total lend out items vs total brought back items 0
Saruman Update the seeds 0
slotmachien Validate token to check if it's not expired yet. 0
slotmachien Add CoAP support 0
slotmachien post a warning in #slotmachien when a delayed close was attempted but did not succeed 0
slotmachien Listen to noconnection event 0
slotmachien Bad UI for creating things 0
slotmachien Typo's 0
slotmachien Make >> clickable or remove it 0
slotmachien 1 2 3 photo 0
slotmachien websockets 0
slotmachien Push Notifications to eventual apps 0
gamification Gamification selectively ignores my commits 0
gamification Ignore large commits for certain metrics 0
gamification Machine Learning! 0
gamification Do we need bounties? 0
gamification Add custom scoreboard 0
gamification pinten punten 0
gamification Tests interacting with external entities (such as Github) 0
gamification Remaining points doesn't update when a bounty is put/taken 0
gamification Catch repo renames 0
gamification How should we handle non-Zeus members? 0
gamification Add bounty info to github issues 0
gamification Bounty currency symbol? 0
gamification Notifications 0
gamification Fix: put bounty button going out of table 0
gamification Force pushed rewritten commits are counted again 0
gamification Identify coders by id instead of name 0
gamification Don't count binary files 0
gamification Inputfield and button on bounties page misplaced 0
gamification Add user history 0
gamification Check for deleted repos 0
gamification Fix for issue #30 and #33 0
gamification Small jump on barhover 0
gamification Add a way to give points to people 0
gamification Couple to Kerberos accounts (OAuth) 0
gamification Badges and achievements 0
Tap Effect van een transactie 0
Tap First row streak on frigo 0
Tap Added installation instructions to 0
Tap made so users who have debt can't order stuff 0
Tap apply common sense 0
Tap Show product list on koelkastview. 0
Tap Cancel order button isn't disabled after it is clicked 0
Tap Add button to change product category. 0
Tap Display calories somewhere. 0
Tap Convert "Order has_many :products" to "Order has_one :product" 0
Tap Pricing 1.15 changes to 1.14 when updated 0
Tap Add global orders page 0
Tap M&M statistics page 0
Tap Add boy/girlfriend and/or parent contact information 0
Tap Calorie limit 0
Tap Automatic interest calculation for treasurer 0
Tap Notify users of new products 0
Tap Ordering Controle 0
Tap Hall of Fame 0
SlackIntegrations add timpy rage counter 0
SlackIntegrations RMagic is probably leaking memory 0
SlackIntegrations crash when no text given 0
blokmap make blokmap smarter 0
blokmap Add retina support 0
oauth Changed from to 0
oauth Change password via web interface 0
Haldis Link locations to OpenStreetMap 0
Tap Ranking van tap op 0
Tap Frigo screen glitches when an unknown product is scanned 0
Tap Fix travis build 0
hydra Move assistant to its own repo 0
hydra Add oauth callback to repo 0
hydra More comprehensive testing 0
Tap update frecency 0
hydra Think about hosting UGent news ourselves 0
hydra Add Schoonmeersen resto data to Hydra 0
Tap Add favicon 0