What is gamification?

Gamification is a webapp that will reward you for contributing to ZeusWPI's projects.

How do I get points?

When you push your commits to GitHub, Gamification will process your commits and reward you based on how many lines you added. You can also fix issues to get points (see Bounties).

What are bounties?

You can post a reward (a bounty) on GitHub issues you'd like to be fixed. When this issue is resolved, the assignee will automatically claim all associated bounties.

How do these points work?

We have two kinds of points: reward points and bounty points. When you commit or claim a bounty, you get rewarded equally in both types of points.

Reward points

These points can be traded in for goodies.

Bounty points

These points can be used to put bounties on issues you want to see fixed.

Why do bounty points degrade over time?

This is because there is a global limit of 5000 bounty points. When this limit is exceeded, all amounts of bounty points are rescaled.