Badass Battle Bots Is Back

Geschreven op 2016-04-09
Leestijd: 2 minuten


At the beginning of this semester, we, Zeus WPI, announced the start of our first programming AI competition, Badass Battle Bots. A few weeks after the initial brainstorming session, we are proud to announce that the updated website has launched in beta mode. As of now, it is possible to upload your own Badass Battle Bot and see it partake in battles of epic proportions.

The updated website,, features an interactive visualisation of the battle, so you can watch the battle unfold before your own eyes and tweak the actions of your bot accordingly. Matches are played all around the clock and the ranking gets updated frequently, so you can track your bots’ performance in real-time. Please keep in mind that we’re still in a beta phase, so if something does not look right to you, you can always contact us at or on our Github for questions and/or feedback.

We’d also like to invite you to our 1st official Badass Battle Bots codenight where you can code your own battle bot, discuss strategies, trash-talk your opponents and/or ask for advice when you’re stuck. We’ll conclude the night with a small live mini-tournament for our entertainment. The event takes place this Tuesday (April 12) at 18h in Campus Sterre, building S9, room V3 (3rd floor, side of the grass field). Don’t worry if you can’t attend, you can always pass by our headquarters at another time (Zeus WPI members’ room, S9, floor -1). Just give us a heads up!

The final tournament will be held on the 9th of May. More information will follow later.