Android and iOS app providing all the information a student at Ghent University needs.
For an overview of the features, visit the project's website.


Saruman is a material management tool where partners can reserve stuff.


MOZAIC is the Massive Online Zeus Artificial Intelligence Competition platform. It aims to provide a flexible platform to host your very own AI competition.


Een collectie bloklocaties die jou helpt een plaats te vinden om te blokken tijdens de examens.

Vind de map hier!


Haldis is your friendly neighbourhood servant. He exists so lazy fucks like you and me don’t need to keep tabs of who is ordering what from where. Start an order and let people add items with a simple mouse-click! No more calculating prices and making lists! Be lazier today! http://zeus.ugent.be/haldis


This repository contains all applications related to SlotMachien; a Lego MindStorms robot designed to turn a specific lock.


πŸ• LAN-Party Assistant. An application to make the life of a LAN-partygoer easier!