Badass Battle Bots

Geschreven op 2016-02-26
Leestijd: 2 minuten


We are Zeus WPI. We like games. We like programming. So we decided to build our very own programming game. Now, we would like to share. Welcome to Badass Battle Bots. The objective of the game is to write a computer program that will take on other competitors’ programs in a grand battle for honour, glory and world domination. Sounds exciting? You bet it is! We are working hard to create a game that is exciting yet very simple, so that anyone with minimal coding skills can participate. So, what can you expect? There will be a series of codenights where we kindly invite you to exchange strategies with your peers, get some assistance when you are stuck, trash-talk your opponents, or compete in a preliminary tournament to show your strength. We will top this off with a grand tournament, where you will see the action unfold before your eyes. There will be prizes.

The rules for this game will be disclosed on Tuesday March 1st. On this day, we will organise an introductory session starting at 18h in computer room Hopper (campus De Sterre, building S5). Be sure to stop by, we’d love to help you get started.

On this same date we will announce the date of the final tournament. You can count on a few weeks to code your bot.

For those unable to attend, all information will be made available on